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About me

Hey there, my name's Nathan and I'm a web developer/programmer.

Basically I make web sites, I've been using HTML, CSS and JavaScript since school and I've always loved programming.
I do a lot of work making and editing websites for small businesses and web designers.
If you want a new site made or you just want to edit your old one, send me a message and I'll see what I can do.

Some have asked me "what's the difference between a web designer and a web developer?" well the answer is fairly simple.
It's similar to the difference between architecture and construction, one side is design while the other is creation, one planning and the other building.

The web design is more about what the site will look like and what it should be able to do, it's about appearances and usability.
Whereas web development is the foundations of the site, its all the code and how the site works, it's about structure and functionality.

That said the line does blur a bit sometimes, since people on both sides usually understand the basics of the other.

Many web designers out there are also web developers and will do both tasks, but they still tend to just call themselves web designers.
Many web designers will hire web developers like myself, give them plans they have created and receive a fully functioning site in return.

I can give you some pre-made templates and designs, but if you want something designed specifically for your site you should get in touch with either a web designer or a graphic designer to design your site.

My work

Rather than saying I'm the best at my job I'll simply let you see the things I've done so far and judge for yourself.

You may notice that my name isn't shown on the sites, I myself have had sites made for me in the past and they would end up with ads for the hosting server, site designer, cms, template builder etc, I just find it annoying when it's done to me so I don't do it to other people.

You may wonder how I intend to prove that I created a site without doing this, but I actually have put my 'signature' in every site, it just isn't visible because it's hidden in the site's code.

How can you see this piece of code? simple.
When you're at a site just press: up up down down left right left right B A

A message should popup saying "Site made by Hybinder Web Development"

Here are some of the sites I have created so far:

PomoLindsay Wine EstatePlan CCreative POSFisherDore LawyersLittle Critters Pest ControlMJM ConsultingRobyn BrownSocial Media MasterySocial Media Mastery BootcampNAHCCaNibbleStorage DirectStuffit Film FestivalDomestic Violence LawyersDetox ITSafeway StorageLisa HarrisonSuperior Skip BinsOnsite LawMG Hurley PlumbingOnline Security Screens

What do you need to know?


Basically a CMS(Content Management System) is a program used to build and manage websites, while a HTML site is one I build from scratch with code. CMS's tend to be either expensive or restrictive, but they allow you to edit your site's content easily, to edit a HTML site's content you need to know what you're doing so you don't accidentally stuff up the site.

If you need to edit or update your site on a regular basis, or if you need to use systems like multiple user logins, shops or forums, I recommend using a CMS, but if you just need a site and don't need to update it too often I recommend a HTML site, if you have a HTML site made and need it edited I (or someone who knows how HTML and FTP works) can do it for you.

Note that if you choose a CMS site we may need to modify the site's design, since the CMS's that aren't expensive are not as flexible in design layout. I typically use either Wordpress or Expression Engine, Wordpress is free and Expression Engine is pretty flexible.

Anything else?

  1. First of all you need your Domain Name, this is the actual address (URL) that people will type into their browsers to reach your site, if you haven't done that yet I can do it for you, but in order to do so I need personal details, including credit card number.
    If you want to do it yourself I recommend crazydomains for cheap URLs.

  2. You need to have file hosting set up, this is the actual server hard drive space that your websites files will be saved on.
    If you haven't got file hosting yet I can do that for you, but in order to do so I need personal details, including credit card number.

    If you've already bought file hosting you should receive an email from the providers with information, to be able to properly set up your site I need:
    FTP host name, FTP login & FTP password

    (If you have already registered a URL and bought file hosting but have not connected the two I will need the login and password you used on the site you registered your URL with as well as the 'Name Servers' listed in the file hosts email in order to connect your domain name to your file hosting.)

  3. Your design files, I need to know exactly how every single page of your site should look, obviously the designs can have placeholder text and images, but I need the graphics that the pages are going to use, I need to know where everything goes, how big each section is etc.
    Having them in Photoshop(.psd) file or an Illistrator(.ai) file helps because they are easier to edit, but anything's fine as long as I can see what the design looks like, it can even just be a pdf or a png image for each page.


When building a website I charge a very reasonable flat rate which is defined by the details of the site, no matter how much time I spend on it you won't pay more than the given price, the site can be edited/updated as much as you like before going live and it won't cost any extra.

However once the site goes live, or if you want me to edit a pre-existing site, I charge an hourly rate of $35.

When estimating a price for a site build I look for things that will make the site take a longer or shorter time to build, for example if your site design is fairly simple, you don't need any special features, all your pages use the same template and the site has less than 10 pages you could save a few hundered dollars.

If you do not yet have a completed design that's fine, just show me a basic 'blueprint' of the design with some explanation of any features the site should have.

Please send me an email with your designs for a free quote.

What else can I do for you?

Responsive/Mobile Sites

Some sites don't work too well when viewed on mobile devices or tablets, so it's a good idea to have a responsive site, or a separate site specifically for mobile devices.

Some examples: All Antica (Mobile) MJM Consulting (Responsive)

(Try resizing window to thin and tall when viewing those.)

Facebook tabs

Aside from building and editing websites I can also make facebook pages for your business, these show up as a tab on your facebook page alongside photos and events.

Some examples: Real way Buderim Speaker Secrets Exposed

Basically these facebook tabs can be a small webpage that you can show inside facebook, they are more limited than normal sites though.


If you have an account with a mass email service such as campaign monitor or mail chimp I can make HTML emails for you to send to your subscribers, while these can appear similar to a webpage like the facebook pages they are more limited due to email programs, for example you can't have a video shown in the page, you can have a link to one or attach one but if it was in the page itself most email programs wouldn't be able to play it.

Some examples: MIC 02/13 Newsletter POMO 03/13 Newsletter


I've always loved to play with code and use it to make interesting things happen, I like to experiment and see what's possible.

Due to this I have spent a lot of time fiddling around with programming languages, including javascript, which is a programming language used by web browsers.

I use javascripts in many pages, from something simple as rollover images, to image sliders, to something complex like parallax scrolling, you'd be surprised how many things can be done without paying for third-party software.

I like to try out ideas in my spare time, it's usually something based on logic or math, typically they're small and incredibly basic things which I end up discarding, but sometimes I keep the resulting projects.

They won't look like much since they use placeholder graphics, but here are a few of the things I have built.

Web Features:
'Block' Animated Image Gallery | 'Flip' Animated Image Gallery | 'Bounce' Animated Image Gallery | 'Fade' Animated Image Gallery | 'Grow' Animated Image Gallery | Image Zoom Preview

Various Experiments:
Conway's Game of Life | Virtual Rubik's Cube | Basic Sudoku Solver | Star Field | Time/Date Colour Converter


"Nathan has been a developer for my business for some time. What's great about Nathan is he is reliable, always ready when he is meant to be and is never flustered by any challenge that comes his way. Nathan works tirelessly to overcome problems and find ways to work things out that need special skills and patience. Nathan has a good eye for details and a logical thought process that allows him to resolve even the most challenging of tasks. I have no doubt that Nathan will do a great job of your project."

Stephen - Business Owner, POMO


"I have used Nathan (Hybinderwd.com.au) since 2012. I had a very small budget for a charitable website (hopereignsinternational.org) and as luck would have it, I was introduced to Nathan. I had already used the services of a friend re: graphic design of the story board I created and just needed someone to develop this into a website.

That is where Nathan came in. He was so easy to work with and affordable. I was being quoted in the thousands…my site is just a html site without too much updates as I wanted to use it as an archive of projects but use the social media aspect to promote and provide current content…I was allergic to paying through the nose for it. Thank you Nathan for helping me achieve this.

It is evident that Nathan takes great pride in his work, he is efficient and he is very knowledgeable, always perfecting his craft.

My advice to new clients: Have a clear idea of what you want. Do a story board of what you'd like your website to look like and what content will go where. Then find your graphic designer to draw it up, showing how it will look like as your website or chat to Nathan. I read Nathan's content about domain names etc. It is exactly how he advises. Follow the steps and you cannot go wrong and Good Luck. You have already overcome a huge obstacle…finding a web developer you can trust in Nathan."

Lisa - President, Hope Reigns International


"I have used Nathan from Hybinder Web Development to build my website for my music business. I am onto my third website now, with Nathan building each one. Nathan has always been very knowledgeable and helpful, listening to what I want, helping me achieve what I want and making many helpful suggestions along the way. He is efficient and prompt, does a fantastic job and has never let me down. He is always available if I have any problems or issues that come up, and helps me resolve them quickly and easily. If I ask for something particular, he will always find a way to do it and comes up with many creative solutions and ideas. His work just keeps getting better and better and I absolutely love my new website now. I thoroughly recommend Hybinder Web Development if you need a website built."

Robyn - Jazz Singer, Sassy Jazz


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Phone: (+61)410 067 281

Email: nathan@hybinderwd.com.au

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Proof of Development

I reserve the right to hide my signature in the sites I build by including a 'developer' file along with the other files which allows a window to popup when a user enters a code, please do not delete the developer file.